Moving Cup

Of course there are going to be things that go “bump in the night” … or even sometimes during the day. But is it always going to be something that can easily be debunked? There are things that can’t be explained, or debunked. Sometimes there is no reason for an empty plate -or cup- to slide off of the counter and into the sink. Especially when it was resting perfectly fine on the counter, and there was nothing underneath it to make it unbalanced.

My mom had been watching me and two of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family during the summer while their mom was at work. We’ve experienced quite a few things in that house while we lived there. On this particular day though, my mom, cousins and I were standing in the kitchen after we got finished with eating lunch. We had all put our plates and cups in the sink, but my cousin, “Henry,” put is cup on the kitchen counter, and the plate in the sink. He set it on the sink in case he wanted to fill it up with water again later. We gathered around the island in the kitchen, and started talking for a few minutes.

As we were standing in the kitchen talking, and getting ready to go back outside we heard something sliding on the counter. When we turned to look, we saw Henry’s cup slide on the counter, tip up a little bit to go over the ledge of the sink, and then fall into the sink. Henry looked at the three of us, wide-eyed, and we each had the same expression on our faces; it was complete shock.

Henry looked around at all of us –as we were looking around at each other- and he asked, “You saw that, right?” We all nodded our heads ‘yes’ as we each replied to him that we had just seen the same thing he did.

We stood there for a moment, and we were actually wondering if it had be our grandpa –none of us had ever gotten the chance to meet him because he passed away when my dad was thirteen. The reason why we were wondering why it was him, was because he had helped build the house that we were living in at that time. Just after we started to wonder and ask each other if it could have been him that moved Henry’s cup into the sink, we smelled an older cologne that’s kind of tough for me to describe. My mom had told my dad about it after he had gotten home, and then she started telling him about the cologne that the four of us had smelled. It was then that my dad had confirmed that it was my grandfather that had moved the cup, and made us smell his cologne, because my dad had said that it was the very cologne that his dad used all the time.

Another reason why we knew that it was my late grandfather was because he was a military man when he was alive. Everything had its rightful place. (I know this because my dad has told both me and my mom about this). So, as we continued to think about it, we were pretty sure that it was my late grandfather’s way of saying, “Hey, your dirty cup belongs in the sink.”

Though it was quite an interesting –and cool– experience, none of us felt threatened by what had happened. We were just momentarily freaked out since we couldn’t see what had moved the cup into the sink.


~*♥ Des ♥*~

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