Little Sarah

When I was in fourth grade, and as it was getting closer to summer, my best friend at the time, “Maria,” invited me over to stay the night. She told me to bring my swimming suit with me, and so I did; it was toward the end of May at the time, and it was supposed to be really warm out that weekend.

That day when I got there, Maria was ready to play outside in her swimming suit, and so I went into her room, changed, and went outside with her. Maria and I were jumping in and out of the sprinkler. She then stopped, and led me over to the side of the house where she kept her outside toys in a plastic bin. As she was opening the bin to get out a toy –it was a baby doll that closed its eyes when it was laid down on its back- she asked me, “Have I told you about my friend Sarah, yet?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ and then I asked, “It is your baby doll?” I thought that she was talking about the doll she had in her hand.

“No, Sarah is a person,” and Maria paused as she looked around. She then whispered, “For whatever reason, my mom and dad can’t see her. They keep telling me she’s not real, but I know she is!”

At that point, I thought she was going to tell me about an imaginary friend she’d made.

“Is Sarah here now?” I asked.

“Shh! No, but she’s on her way.” Maria answered. I asked Maria why we had to be quiet, and she replied with, “My mom and dad keep saying they’re ‘sick of hearing about Sarah,’ and that she ‘doesn’t exist.’” Maria then looked over by the shed, which was in the back yard on our side. “Sarah’s here,” she said, and she looked back at me, and then told me where she was. I looked over by the shed to see Sarah.

“I don’t see her. Where did she go?” I asked Maria.

“She went behind the shed; she’s shy.” Maria answered.

“Is she shy like me?” I asked Maria.

“I think she’s shyer than you were when I first met you.” Maria told me; the whole time we were whispering back and forth, trying not to be overheard by either of her parents from inside the house.

I slowly made my way around to the right side of the shed, making my way to the back. Once I started to turn the corner to the back of the shed, I saw the bottom part of a dress and a leg on the opposite side, and I heard running. I knew that it wasn’t Maria because she wasn’t in a dress.

“Wait!” I was trying not to yell and was trying to stay quiet as I ran back from the way I came. Maria had made her way to the shed, and she was standing a good distance from it. Maria wasn’t looking at me, or at the shed, but at a spot slightly to the left of the shed. I looked over to see what she was looking at. I saw a little girl standing there. She was a bit smaller than us, and she had to be at least a couple of years younger than us. The little girl was wearing a really pretty, white, floral dress that went just below her knees. She had long, light brown hair that was in a matching headband. Just as I took a gentle step forward and asked, “Are you Sarah?” the little girl vanished… she was just… gone. I looked over at Maria, and her eyes were wide open with shock.

I asked Maria what was wrong, and she replied with, “Nothing… you can see her, too?”

I told Maria, “Yes,” and then I described what the little girl was wearing and what she looked like. Maria looked relieved. She then pointed and looked at the shed door behind me.

“Des, look!” Maria whispered to me. I looked behind me, and there was a small wet handprint, and the word ‘yes,’ written in water on the shed door. Maria and I looked at each other and knelt down in front of the door. We put our hands beside the watery handprint. The handprint was too small to be either mine or Maria’s. The handwriting on the door also didn’t belong to either of us. Maria and I were the only ones outside; there was nobody else around since there were barely any other kids in her neighborhood.

Maria was extremely grateful that I was also able to see Sarah.

We went back over to the doll and saw one of its eyes blink… but it was sitting up and there was no wind. We couldn’t see Sarah right then, but something was telling the both of us that it was her. We asked if it was Sarah that made the doll’s eye wink, and it did it again, but it was the other eye that winked that time.

Sarah remained invisible to the both of us, but we played with the doll for a little bit longer until Sarah had left.

The next day, at one point Maria’s mom had to run to the store quick –which was right down the road. It was sometime mid-morning, and Maria had told me that it was Sarah’s birthday.

“I would want to make a birthday cake for her, but she told me she can’t eat anymore.” Maria had said as we made our way to the kitchen. She had gotten out a stool, and I asked her what she was doing. Maria had then told me that she was getting down the birthday candles. I was slightly confused as I asked her, “Why?”

Maria said, “I want to light a candle for her so she can make a wish and blow out the candle.”

I helped Maria light the birthday candle with a match –which we put in some water after the candle was lit. Maria let me hold the candle as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sarah.

When we were finished singing, I held out the candle at arm’s length and Maria and I told Sarah to make a wish to herself and blow out the candle.

Maria and I both felt that Sarah was there in the kitchen with us. We felt a comforting warmth surrounding us like a hug, and it was filled with complete happiness. Maria and I continued looking at the birthday candle. Then, the candle blew out. We heard someone (Sarah) blow out the candle, say, “thank you,” and giggle. Maria and I said, “You’re welcome,” then we felt Sarah leave. We put the candle in the water for a bit, and threw it away -along with the match.

That night, Maria and I had been woken up several times throughout the night by Sarah; all she wanted to do was play. One of Maria’s lights was battery operated, and Sarah decided it would be fun to make it turn on and off, while giggling in the process. There were other toys that Sarah would play with (battery operated or not), including a floral nightlight that sat on Maria’s dresser. When turned on, the nightlight had a setting where the top of it would either spin to make it look like the floral design was moving around the room, or not spin. Well, Sarah liked to make the flowers spin on the nightlight. Finally, Maria and I had to tell Sarah to stop because we had to go to bed and get some sleep so we wouldn’t get in trouble by Maria’s mom. Sarah stopped after we asked her to, and we were able to get some sleep.


Author’s Note:
I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while. I got busy with work and school (college).

I hope you enjoyed my post! 🙂

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