A Week of Chaos: Bring the Picture Back

This is one of my favorite experiences to tell whenever I get on the subject of the paranormal with friends, family members, or anyone else that doesn’t know what happened. It was an event that took place when I was in middle school. We had kept a picture of my great grandfather -the one that none of us had ever met, since he passed away when my dad was a teenager- above the living room window. One day my aunt wanted to borrow it so she could make copies of it; she didn’t have that particular picture of him. My dad -hesitantly- agreed to it and he gave her the picture to borrow. We were still living in the house that my grandfather had built at the time, and there had been some strange activities going on within the house.

After the picture left the house, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. There was one night when I had a friend stay over, and we woke up a few times in the middle of the night to my T.V. turning on and flipping through channels. The remote to the T.V. was on my dresser and out of our reach. So, there was no way that either of us had been laying on it, or accidentally bump it. Finally, I told it to stop because we needed to sleep. It then stopped right after I asked it to. Well, at least it stopped for that night. There were nights -and days- throughout the week when my T.V. would turn on and off by itself, and my light would turn on and off by itself; the same thing would happen throughout the rest of the house. My stereo would turn on and off by itself -and it would even flip through the three CDs I had in it looking for a song. Sometimes when it old find a song, it would turn the volume all the way up to max -during the night or day, it didn’t matter. The thing with the stereo, though, is that it only happened with my stereo. It didn’t happen with the stereo that we had in the living room, which was similar to mine -the only difference was that it held five CDs and mind only held three. Granted, these things would happen every so often before the picture was taken from the house, but during the week that it was gone, everything happened on a daily and nightly basis.

There would be times -more times than I could keep track of- when we would constantly be getting tapped on the shoulder. Since my mom and I had longer hair, pieces of our hair would get tugged at -not hard, nut just enough to get our attention. Like I said before, this kind of thing would happen every so often before the picture was taken out of the house, but during that week… it would happen on a daily and/or nightly basis.

There was another night that following Friday when we went out to eat for dinner. My mom and I were the last ones to leave the house and we turned off all the lights and T.V.s on our way out. Once we got into the truck, and after we pulled out of the garage, we saw that every light was back on in the house. We saw through the front window that the living room T.V. was on as well. We all looked at each other and my dad was confused as he said, “I thought you turned everything off.” My mom and I looked at him -just as confused- and said, “We did.”

My mom and I then went back in the house and turned everything back off. On our way back out of the house, we asked him to keep the lights off… and he did. The lights were still off when we got back home.

When we got the picture back that Sunday afternoon, my dad immediately put the picture back in its respective place above the living room window. After he had done that, the activity in the house went back to normal -things still went on but not nearly as much as they did that week when the picture was taken out of the house.


I hope you enjoyed this post!



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