Clinton Public Library’s New Building!… Hopefully…!

It is well known throughout the Village of Clinton, WI (and neighboring townships) that the Director of Clinton Public Library (and her employees) received a GO by the Village of Clinton to let the Village and other patrons know that they are now actively pursuing the new building located at 215 Front Street, Clinton, WI 53525, for their new library. The current location of Clinton Public Library is located at 214 Mill Street, Clinton, WI 53525, and it is about 2,400 square feet. The new location for the Clinton Public Library is 9,600 square feet. Imagine how many opportunities the library will have after moving to their new location!

The building at 215 Front Street currently belongs to the Jake’s Electric office building. According to Beloit Daily News, it is no secret now that the owner has offered to sell the 9,600-square-foot space to the Clinton Public Library Foundation if the public is interested. Three months have passed since the publication of “CLINTON PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSIDERS MOVE” by the Beloit Daily News. As word spread throughout the Village of Clinton –and neighboring townships– the public is definitely interested in having the [whole] building at 215 Front Street become the new location for Clinton Public Library.

Now, let’s talk numbers (don’t worry, there are only three of them):

The Village Board of Clinton already has $209,000 toward the new library building; The [Library] Foundation has $147,000 toward the new library building; Clinton Public Library needs to raise $250,000 more toward the new building at 215 Front Street by fund raising and continuing to get the word out there.

The deadline for this is by February 1, 2020. Please help Clinton Public Library not only “Dream BIG” for their new location, but make their dream become a reality!!!

Any donations are greatly appreciated! Click here to donate!

Thank you for your support!




D.D. Lawrance (Des)

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