Writing about the Paranormal is one of my favorites to share with you. But don’t worry… I’ll write about other topics, too.

Hi, I’m Des. I’ve been a Writer for as long as I can remember, and an Author since 2012. Quite recently I became a full-time mother in 2021. I spend most of my time with my son and husband.

Top Hat Man

This is a repost; it was originally posted on September 10, 2016, and it was titled “Shadow Man.” A quick disclaimer: any and all paranormal experiences I share with you are based on truth. But keep in mind you don’t have to believe in the paranormal or believe that what I’m sharing with you is … Continue reading Top Hat Man

Random Thoughts [Part 1?]

Hello! 🤔 This was not my intended “first blog back”… but, here I am. 🙂 Has anyone else had so many thoughts inside their head, and when you try to either put them down on paper or type them up, you find yourself not able to keep up with said thoughts? That’s where I’m at … Continue reading Random Thoughts [Part 1?]

A Week of Chaos: Bring the Picture Back

…We had kept a picture of my great grandfather -the one that none of us had ever met, since he passed away when my dad was a teenager- above the living room window. One day my aunt wanted to borrow it so she could make copies of it; she didn’t have that particular picture of him. My dad -hesitantly- agreed to it and he gave her the picture to borrow. We were still living in the house that my grandfather had built at the time, and there had been some strange activities going on within the house.

Little Sarah

When I was in fourth grade, and as it was getting closer to summer, my best friend at the time, “Maria,” invited me over to stay the night. She told me to bring my swimming suit with me, and so I did; it was toward the end of May at the time, and it was supposed to be really warm out that weekend.

That day when I got there, Maria was ready to play outside in her swimming suit, and so I went into her room, changed, and went outside with her. Maria and I were jumping in and out of the sprinkler. She then stopped, and led me over to the side of the house where she kept her outside toys in a plastic bin. As she was opening the bin to get out a toy –it was a baby doll that closed its eyes when it was laid down on its back- she asked me, “Have I told you about my friend Sarah, yet?”


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