Creepers: Lost Ring

By Paranormal standards:
Creepers are shapeless black masses –they can be big or small– that keep low to the ground while they move. Sometimes they move slowly, and sometimes they move quickly. As far as I know, it hasn’t been determined whether creepers are evil spirits or good spirits. However, I have come across people that have had encounters with creepers tell me that they don’t think they’re either good nor evil, but they can be mischievous, or leave a person with a malicious feeling.

I have not come across a creeper that has done harm, and neither has anyone else that I’ve talked to that have come in contact with a creeper. The majority of the time, creepers are seen out or the corner of the eye, and by the time you look in the direction where you saw it, it’s either already gone, or the tail end of it is already making its way out of sight.

There was one time in particular when I came across a creeper, and it was in my parents’ home at the time. It was an odd experience, though. I was looking for something that meant a lot to me; it was a ring that I thought I had lost. I knew that if it was lost, I would be even more upset than I already was in thinking that it was lost forever. The ring in question was a family heirloom; it had once belonged to my great grandmother. My grandmother –of whom is still alive– gave me the ring when I was a teen ager as a gift. For as long as I can remember, I felt a certain attachment to the ring. But at the same time, there was, “nothing special about the ring.” Though, I liked how it looked, and I wore it a lot.

While I was in my room I was trying to retrace my steps. I knew that I was wearing this ring throughout the week, but on this day in particular I hadn’t noticed that it was missing until mid-evening. It was a cold day, and I had been outside a few times around the house, and I knew that I didn’t lose it at school, because it was a snow day. Even then, I thought, ‘Great, if I lost it outside, it could be anywhere in the snow!’ This ring was silver with a turquoise stone, and a red coral stone. After I continued to think about it, I realized that I still had the ring when I came in from outside earlier that day. So, then, I got up, left my room, and went out to the front door where I had come in from outside. I remembered where I was and what I did after I came back inside, and so I retraced every step I took. But, at a certain point –once I had gotten into the hallway– I could not for the life of me remember what I had done from there. My mind was a complete blank. So, I looked around and then asked aloud, “Seriously, what happened to my ring? Where is it?”

Not half of a moment later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small, black, shadowy mass keeping close to the ground. I looked it its direction, and I saw it straight on… and it was headed to my bedroom. There was a part of me that was freaked out by seeing this small, black, shadowy mass… but at the same time, I didn’t feel like I was in any danger. It was just there, as if it was saying ‘follow me.’ So, reluctantly, I did. I followed it to my bedroom, and I remembered hesitating for a moment before I opened my bedroom door. These were the type of things that scared me as a child… mainly because at the time I didn’t know what they were and they creeped me out. I guess they live up to their name: Creepers.

Once I shoved the thought aside and reminded myself that my past –unintentional– encounters with these things never hurt me, I opened my door and walked into my room. Again, I saw the creeper straight on; it was at the foot of my bed between my dresser and my bed keeping close to the floor. Just then it quickly went under my bed. I paused for a moment in shock, but then I quickly got down on my hands and knees to look under the foot of my bed. At first I didn’t see anything, but then I shifted a few things around.

There it was. The ring that I had been looking for. I was stunned in utter amazement; I had no clue how it had gotten there. Sure, the ring could have fallen off at some point and then fallen under the foot of my bed with no problem… but that was the problem… in order for it to land where it did, it would have had to literally go through the long tote that I had under my bed at the foot of my bed. The thing that I found even more astonishing was that, right behind my tote that ran the width of my bed, was my jewelry box that my grandmother had also given me… and that, too, used to belong to my great grandmother; she used it every day as far as I was told. But, there sat my ring that I was looking for; it was sitting right in front of the jewelry box that was bumped up to the tote.

I sat there and stared for a moment, trying to comprehend what had just happened… and there was no logical explanation for it. I snapped out of it, grabbed up the ring, and the jewelry box and looked at the both of them for a moment before I reached the decision. I opened the jewelry box, and set the ring inside of it, promising not to wear the ring again until it got warmer outside, and the snow was completely melted. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post! 😀


~* ❤ Des ❤ *~

A Week of Chaos: Bring the Picture Back

This is one of my favorite experiences to tell whenever I get on the subject of the paranormal with friends, family members, or anyone else that doesn’t know what happened. It was an event that took place when I was in middle school. We had kept a picture of my great grandfather -the one that none of us had ever met, since he passed away when my dad was a teenager- above the living room window. One day my aunt wanted to borrow it so she could make copies of it; she didn’t have that particular picture of him. My dad -hesitantly- agreed to it and he gave her the picture to borrow. We were still living in the house that my grandfather had built at the time, and there had been some strange activities going on within the house.

After the picture left the house, it didn’t take long for things to escalate. There was one night when I had a friend stay over, and we woke up a few times in the middle of the night to my T.V. turning on and flipping through channels. The remote to the T.V. was on my dresser and out of our reach. So, there was no way that either of us had been laying on it, or accidentally bump it. Finally, I told it to stop because we needed to sleep. It then stopped right after I asked it to. Well, at least it stopped for that night. There were nights -and days- throughout the week when my T.V. would turn on and off by itself, and my light would turn on and off by itself; the same thing would happen throughout the rest of the house. My stereo would turn on and off by itself -and it would even flip through the three CDs I had in it looking for a song. Sometimes when it old find a song, it would turn the volume all the way up to max -during the night or day, it didn’t matter. The thing with the stereo, though, is that it only happened with my stereo. It didn’t happen with the stereo that we had in the living room, which was similar to mine -the only difference was that it held five CDs and mind only held three. Granted, these things would happen every so often before the picture was taken from the house, but during the week that it was gone, everything happened on a daily and nightly basis.

There would be times -more times than I could keep track of- when we would constantly be getting tapped on the shoulder. Since my mom and I had longer hair, pieces of our hair would get tugged at -not hard, nut just enough to get our attention. Like I said before, this kind of thing would happen every so often before the picture was taken out of the house, but during that week… it would happen on a daily and/or nightly basis.

There was another night that following Friday when we went out to eat for dinner. My mom and I were the last ones to leave the house and we turned off all the lights and T.V.s on our way out. Once ee got into the truck, and after we pulled out of the garage, we saw that every light was back on in the house. We saw through the front window that the living room T.V. was on as well. We all looked at each other and my dad was confused as he said, “I thought you turned everything off.” My mom and I looked at him -just as confused- and said, “We did.”

My mom and I then went back in the house and turned everything back off. On our way back out of the house, we asked him to keep the lights off… and he did. The lights were still off when we got back home.

When we got the picture back that Sunday afternoon, my dad immediately put the picture back in its respective place above the living room window. After he had done that, the activity in the house went back to normal -things still went on but not nearly as much as they did that week when the picture was taken out of the house.

Little Sarah

When I was in fourth grade, and as it was getting closer to summer, my best friend at the time, “Maria,” invited me over to stay the night. She told me to bring my swimming suit with me, and so I did; it was toward the end of May at the time, and it was supposed to be really warm out that weekend.

That day when I got there, Maria was ready to play outside in her swimming suit, and so I went into her room, changed, and went outside with her. Maria and I were jumping in and out of the sprinkler. She then stopped, and led me over to the side of the house where she kept her outside toys in a plastic bin. As she was opening the bin to get out a toy –it was a baby doll that closed its eyes when it was laid down on its back- she asked me, “Have I told you about my friend Sarah, yet?”

I shook my head ‘no,’ and then I asked, “It is your baby doll?” I thought that she was talking about the doll she had in her hand.

“No, Sarah is a person,” and Maria paused as she looked around. She then whispered, “For whatever reason, my mom and dad can’t see her. They keep telling me she’s not real, but I know she is!”

At that point, I thought she was going to tell me about an imaginary friend she’d made.

“Is Sarah here now?” I asked.

“Shh! No, but she’s on her way.” Maria answered. I asked Maria why we had to be quiet, and she replied with, “My mom and dad keep saying they’re ‘sick of hearing about Sarah,’ and that she ‘doesn’t exist.’” Maria then looked over by the shed, which was in the back yard on our side. “Sarah’s here,” she said, and she looked back at me, and then told me where she was. I looked over by the shed to see Sarah.

“I don’t see her. Where did she go?” I asked Maria.

“She went behind the shed; she’s shy.” Maria answered.

“Is she shy like me?” I asked Maria.

“I think she’s shyer than you were when I first met you.” Maria told me; the whole time we were whispering back and forth, trying not to be overheard by either of her parents from inside the house.

I slowly made my way around to the right side of the shed, making my way to the back. Once I started to turn the corner to the back of the shed, I saw the bottom part of a dress and a leg on the opposite side, and I heard running. I knew that it wasn’t Maria because she wasn’t in a dress.

“Wait!” I was trying not to yell and was trying to stay quiet as I ran back from the way I came. Maria had made her way to the shed, and she was standing a good distance from it. Maria wasn’t looking at me, or at the shed, but at a spot slightly to the left of the shed. I looked over to see what she was looking at. I saw a little girl standing there. She was a bit smaller than us, and she had to be at least a couple of years younger than us. The little girl was wearing a really pretty, white, floral dress that went just below her knees. She had long, light brown hair that was in a matching headband. Just as I took a gentle step forward and asked, “Are you Sarah?” the little girl vanished… she was just… gone. I looked over at Maria, and her eyes were wide open with shock.

I asked Maria what was wrong, and she replied with, “Nothing… you can see her, too?”

I told Maria, “Yes,” and then I described what the little girl was wearing and what she looked like. Maria looked relieved. She then pointed and looked at the shed door behind me.

“Des, look!” Maria whispered to me. I looked behind me, and there was a small wet handprint, and the word ‘yes,’ written in water on the shed door. Maria and I looked at each other and knelt down in front of the door. We put our hands beside the watery handprint. The handprint was too small to be either mine or Maria’s. The handwriting on the door also didn’t belong to either of us. Maria and I were the only ones outside; there was nobody else around since there were barely any other kids in her neighborhood.

Maria was extremely grateful that I was also able to see Sarah.

We went back over to the doll and saw one of its eyes blink… but it was sitting up and there was no wind. We couldn’t see Sarah right then, but something was telling the both of us that it was her. We asked if it was Sarah that made the doll’s eye wink, and it did it again, but it was the other eye that winked that time.

Sarah remained invisible to the both of us, but we played with the doll for a little bit longer until Sarah had left.

The next day, at one point Maria’s mom had to run to the store quick –which was right down the road. It was sometime mid-morning, and Maria had told me that it was Sarah’s birthday.

“I would want to make a birthday cake for her, but she told me she can’t eat anymore.” Maria had said as we made our way to the kitchen. She had gotten out a stool, and I asked her what she was doing. Maria had then told me that she was getting down the birthday candles. I was slightly confused as I asked her, “Why?”

Maria said, “I want to light a candle for her so she can make a wish and blow out the candle.”

I helped Maria light the birthday candle with a match –which we put in some water after the candle was lit. Maria let me hold the candle as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sarah.

When we were finished singing, I held out the candle at arm’s length and Maria and I told Sarah to make a wish to herself and blow out the candle.

Maria and I both felt that Sarah was there in the kitchen with us. We felt a comforting warmth surrounding us like a hug, and it was filled with complete happiness. Maria and I continued looking at the birthday candle. Then, the candle blew out. We heard someone (Sarah) blow out the candle, say, “thank you,” and giggle. Maria and I said, “You’re welcome,” then we felt Sarah leave. We put the candle in the water for a bit, and threw it away -along with the match.

That night, Maria and I had been woken up several times throughout the night by Sarah; all she wanted to do was play. One of Maria’s lights was battery operated, and Sarah decided it would be fun to make it turn on and off, while giggling in the process. There were other toys that Sarah would play with (battery operated or not), including a floral nightlight that sat on Maria’s dresser. When turned on, the nightlight had a setting where the top of it would either spin to make it look like the floral design was moving around the room, or not spin. Well, Sarah liked to make the flowers spin on the nightlight. Finally, Maria and I had to tell Sarah to stop because we had to go to bed and get some sleep so we wouldn’t get in trouble by Maria’s mom. Sarah stopped after we asked her to, and we were able to get some sleep.


Author’s Note:
I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while. I got busy with work and school (college).

I hope you enjoyed my post! 🙂

Moving Cup

Of course there are going to be things that go “bump in the night” … or even sometimes during the day. But is it always going to be something that can easily be debunked? There are things that can’t be explained, or debunked. Sometimes there is no reason for an empty plate -or cup- to slide off of the counter and into the sink. Especially when it was resting perfectly fine on the counter, and there was nothing underneath it to make it unbalanced.

My mom had been watching me and two of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family during the summer while their mom was at work. We’ve experienced quite a few things in that house while we lived there. On this particular day though, my mom, cousins and I were standing in the kitchen after we got finished with eating lunch. We had all put our plates and cups in the sink, but my cousin, “Henry,” put is cup on the kitchen counter, and the plate in the sink. He set it on the sink in case he wanted to fill it up with water again later. We gathered around the island in the kitchen, and started talking for a few minutes.

As we were standing in the kitchen talking, and getting ready to go back outside we heard something sliding on the counter. When we turned to look, we saw Henry’s cup slide on the counter, tip up a little bit to go over the ledge of the sink, and then fall into the sink. Henry looked at the three of us, wide-eyed, and we each had the same expression on our faces; it was complete shock.

Henry looked around at all of us –as we were looking around at each other- and he asked, “You saw that, right?” We all nodded our heads ‘yes’ as we each replied to him that we had just seen the same thing he did.

We stood there for a moment, and we were actually wondering if it had be our grandpa –none of us had ever gotten the chance to meet him because he passed away when my dad was thirteen. The reason why we were wondering why it was him, was because he had helped build the house that we were living in at that time. Just after we started to wonder and ask each other if it could have been him that moved Henry’s cup into the sink, we smelled an older cologne that’s kind of tough for me to describe. My mom had told my dad about it after he had gotten home, and then she started telling him about the cologne that the four of us had smelled. It was then that my dad had confirmed that it was my grandfather that had moved the cup, and made us smell his cologne, because my dad had said that it was the very cologne that his dad used all the time.

Another reason why we knew that it was my late grandfather was because he was a military man when he was alive. Everything had its rightful place. (I know this because my dad has told both me and my mom about this). So, as we continued to think about it, we were pretty sure that it was my late grandfather’s way of saying, “Hey, your dirty cup belongs in the sink.”

Though it was quite an interesting –and cool– experience, none of us felt threatened by what had happened. We were just momentarily freaked out since we couldn’t see what had moved the cup into the sink.


~*♥ Des ♥*~

Shadow Man

​I have had many paranormal experiences happen to me, and I’ve been trying to figure out which one to share with you first. So, I figured, why not start with the first one that I am able to remember?

When I was four years old, my parents and I lived in an apartment. One night after they tucked me into bed, I fell asleep with one of my stuffed animals, and I also had the nightlight on. I remember waking up -my eyes snapping open- because fear trickled through my veins, paralyzing me. My nightlight was flickering, and then it burned out. When I was able to find the courage to move, I sat up and looked toward the end of my bed. There was a silhouette of a man standing there. He wasn’t doing anything, but he was just standing there at the end of my bed in a suit, and short top-hat. And like I said, it was only his silhouette, so I didn’t see the features of his face. But he was just standing there staring at me; I could tell because I could feel it. I still couldn’t scream because I was so terrified. Once I was able to find my voice, I screamed for my parents. They came rushing into my room asking me what was wrong, and I shouted, “There’s a man at the end of my bed!” as I was pointing at the man that I was seeing. My parents turned on the light, and then looked toward the end of my bed.

“There’s nobody there, Des.” Both of my parents had said, trying to reassure me. I looked toward the end of my bed again, and he was still there, looking at me. I continually insisted that the man was still there, and they kept telling me that he wasn’t. My dad had then told my mom to stay with me while he checked the rest of the apartment. After he checked my window to make sure it was locked he left the room and checked everywhere else. He checked the main door, the patio door, all the other windows, and any hiding places.

While he was doing all of that, I remember thinking, ‘Why is he doing that? Why is he checking the rest of the apartment?’ because the “Shadow Man” was still standing at the end of my bed.

When my dad came back into the room, he had said that all of the doors and windows were still locked, and there was no sign of forced entry. He also said that there was absolutely nobody in the apartment except for the three of us. But how could it have just been the three of us in the apartment when I could plainly see the Shadow Man standing at the end of my bed? I could not understand why I was the only one -at the age of four- that could see the Shadow Man standing there.

After my parents put me back to bed, the Shadow Man had left, and my parents went to turn off the bedroom light, but then I stopped them. I told them that my nightlight had burned out. My dad went over to my nightlight, unplugged it, and took a look at the light bulb.

“But, I just changed this bulb.” My dad had said, and he looked at my mom, while glancing at me. “I just changed this bulb two days ago; it’s brand new.” My dad looked sort of puzzled. He took the old bulb out of the nightlight, and we all saw that it was black. After he changed the light bulb and plugged in my nightlight again, they tucked me back into bed, and we said, “goodnight” and “I love you.” They then turned off the light and closed the door. I laid there for a while, not being able to go back to sleep because of what I just saw.

Whenever I would recount what I saw to other people -even as I got older- there would be people that would believe me, and there would be others that wouldn’t believe me. The ones that didn’t believe me told me things like, “Well kids at that age have a wild imagination,” (ok, true; kids do have a wild imagination, but even though I was four years old, I knew the difference between reality and imagination… and that Shadow Man did not come from my imagination. He was real. He still is real to me to this very day. Where would I have gotten that from?) Others have said things like, “Well, you must have had a nightmare.” No, I knew what I saw was there; I was wide awake, and I knew that I didn’t have a nightmare.

The ones who believed me have asked me if I’ve seen that Shadow Man again. My answer has always been, “No, but I have seen other shadow people, other spirits, and I’ve also had other stuff happen to me throughout the years.” (That includes the good, and the bad).

It comes down to this: Things kept happening to me while I was a kid, teenager, and still even as an adult. I would like to keep sharing my paranormal experiences with you as time goes on. 🙂 

~*♡ Des ♡*~