Midnight Nova


Jordyn lives an ordinary life. She’s starting senior year in high school, which can be daunting yet exciting at the same time. She’s also being forced to move to a different school in a different country. It was an ordinary, mundane life. Or so she thought, but there have been plenty of times when Jordyn’s felt… different… and not normal. She’s had her own suspicions about having gifts that no normal person would understand… but then, she finds something out about her seemingly ordinary friends (the Lovel Family) who are not-so-ordinary after all. After she finds out that her not-so-ordinary friends are Wolfilims, and her new friends (Justice and Faithlyn) are Vampires… everything seems fine… until she finds out that her life is in danger by the Noxtribi.

Why didn’t anybody tell her sooner?

Who are the Lovels, really?